Bankruptcy Management

The word bankruptcy used to have universal negative connotations. Today bankruptcy is recognized as a business tool that can be used to the organizations' benefit. Management of this tool, like any other powerful tool, requires in-depth experience and knowledge.

TURNAROUND professionals have significant experience in this arena. We have served organizations as Debtor-in-possession, Trustee, CEO, COO, President, CFO, Examiner, Responsible Individual and Estate Representative in dozens of cases in numerous districts.

This knowledge and wealth of experience allows the operational management to continue to focus on the operational needs and demands while TURNAROUND professionals manage the time intensive, specialized demands of bankruptcy.

TURNAROUND professionals have outstanding reputations with many lending institutions and many law firms that work in this specialized arena. This credibility, knowledge of the subject and experience within the court system, allows the company to go into a proceeding knowing that all of the parties involved know the case has an increased probability of a successful reorganization.