Financial Advisory

Any turnaround effort, bankruptcy proceeding, reorganization or divesture, will at some point require adequate or suitable financial resources. There is no person more qualified to assist in identifying what the structure needs to be than someone who is fully involved in the turnaround, reorganization, bankruptcy or divesture project management arena.

TURNAROUND has access to numerous lending institutions from several categories such as fixed asset based lenders, classical commercial institutions, investment bankers, venture capital funds and others. These funding sources enjoy working with TURNAROUND because they know that what is represented on the documents that are prepared is factual, accurate and credible.

In addition, clients that are experiencing temporary cash flow problems or need a short-term capital infusion, TURNAROUND professionals are often asked to assist investment bankers and various other types of lenders with the preparation of the "offering book" and with the related due diligence when an outside infusion of new funds is required. Because TURNAROUND professionals have the operational experience, know exactly what level and type of funds are needed and how they are to be used, the whole process of seeking funds and acquiring funds occurs in an expedited manner.

When TURNAROUND serves as a financial advisor, the client can be assured that they are represented by someone who knows what all of the various categories of lenders want and need and that they have the best possibility of getting the funds sought and needed quickly.