Interim Management

TURNAROUND recognizes that there are situations where organizations do not need an overall turnaround effort but rather have a need for a turnaround in a particular segment of their business. Many times this need is created by the short fall of that segments' previous management.

TURNAROUND has the ability to step in on a project basis, and through seasoned eyes, identify the issues, solve the problems, provide the results required while the ownership looks for and identifies the long term executive leadership. Many times, the skills and experience of TURNAROUND professionals during this period allows the selection team to have a better idea of what skills and talents are needed for this new executive to be successful.

Because of the total focus of TURNAROUND professionals on results, with generally no concern over turf battles and politics, the client gets to see the true potential of the segment and the team working in it. Sometimes it is beneficial to have an experienced firm like TURNAROUND come in before the introduction of the new leadership team to implement the difficult decisions the current senior management knows will have to be done regardless of who the new executive is.

TURNAROUND has a wealth of experience in numerous industries.