Investigative Services

You can hire an accounting firm if you want someone to audit your accounts payable. But who do you hire when you want to know why information is missing, how come the competition knows who your customers are and the prices you are selling to them at? You don't like the fact that the average firm in America loses 6% of revenue to theft and misappropriations. You can't afford that and don't want to take it any longer. Who do you call?

TURNAROUND's professionals are skilled in areas that most consulting firms don't know about let along practice in. Counter espionage, competitor intelligence gathering, forensic investigations related to theft and misappropriation, being an examiner are some of the specialties we offer and can make available to you. We go into areas that are ugly but if you have worked hard for the assets you have and don't want to lose them for the wrong reason, TURNAROUND can deliver results, support and solutions.

The establishment of the proper level of internal controls related to deterring acts of fraud, identifying for you what might be financial motives and the opportunities to steal within your organization, review your management practices as they relate to fraud, implementation of safeguards and identification of unexplained transactions are just some of the services we can perform.