Management Services

The TURNAROUND firm was founded on the practice of turnaround management. TURNAROUND's professionals are very experienced in this arena and have decades of experience at all levels of management, with firms ranging from start-ups to multi-million dollar revenue organizations. This experience results in knowing what to do and how to do it in the quickest time possible with the highest level of results possible. This is real world experience as CEO, COO, President, GM, CFO, Advisor and other key leadership positions.

The TURNAROUND Management Services Practice serves companies in varying degrees of distress. Sometimes this can mean the company is experiencing temporary declines in profitability or is in immediate crisis and having the fear of a total business collapse. TURNAROUND's professionals are experienced in strategic and tactical planning, negotiating from disadvantaged positions, sales and marketing, fund raising, operations and finance across a spectrum of industries in companies exactly like yours.

Financial reorganizations, divestures, operational reorganizations and consolidations are events that we have managed successfully.

Many firms say they are turnaround firms. But saying it and having done it are different things. We work with firms, with a special place in our hearts for the smaller firms who have not had these skills available to them before, to get the job done right, on time and within budget. We put our name on it!